16142672_729018097273748_2218932535935126617_nSigning Time Instructor Michaela Hoover gives baby sign language classes in the most unusual of places: a firehouse. The goal is twofold: to teach young children simple signs that can help ensure their safety and to introduce them to first responders.

Jessica Outland, a parent in the class said, “If something was to happen like an emergency, kids can be really terrified or scared of these first responders. So it just gives them that exposure and teaches them that they’re here to help and protect us and keep us safe.” Read the news article here.

Safety Signs

Here are a few American Sign Language signs that can help your infant or toddler communicate about their needs and keep them safe.

What is the ASL for Hot?

What is the ASL sign for Help?

What is the ASL sign for Hurt?

What is the ASL sign for Firefighter?

What is the ASL sign for Police Officer?

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