Shopping for moms, kids, or teachers? This years guide features the signs, concepts, and songs taught on each video to help you make your selections. If you’re shopping for infants and toddlers , take a look at the Baby Signing Time and Potty Time products. Oh, and Baby Hopkins makes a perfect stocking stuffer! If you need a gift for a preschooler, we suggest Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. If there’s a mom or dad on your list, consider a local Signing Time class. And teachers love Signing Time Gift Cards. Happy holidays!

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Rachel and the TreeSchoolers DVD + CDTwo New Episodes! For preschoolers

Signing Time Gift Cards
Any amount from $5.00 up

Signing Time on the go
Potty Time Full Collection
Potty training for any age
Baby Signing Time Full Collection
Perfect for infants & toddlers
Signing Time Full CollectionSigning Time, Baby Signing
Time and Potty Time
Baby Hopkins Plush
A great deal at $9.99
Companion item to DVDs Signing Time Classes
Local classes are available!

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