Mike's Family

One year ago I joined Signing Time as the Director of Technology and Web Marketing. I have enjoyed every minute of being involved with Signing Time so closely. In truth I feel a little lucky and amazed that the opportunity to come work for Signing Time came at the right time and the right place for me.

I have four daughters (lucky I guess ;-)) and our third daughter Madie has a genetic disorder. A few years ago we were introduced to Signing Time through some of Madie’s therapists. Madie immediately hooked onto Signing Time and absorbed it like a sponge. She previously was talking very little so Signing Time helped our family learn the basics of ASL so we could communicate with Madie.

In early 2007 my wife and I decided to move to Salt Lake City where we could find better resources for Madie. I started my job hunt and one of the first job postings I saw was for a web marketing and technology director for Signing Time. I immediately called, interviewed and got the job! I was so excited to work for a company that had deeply helped our family and altered our lives for the better.

As the technology guy (often known as the Geek ;-)) I’m taking care of the website and web marketing. So if you love the website I’m glad. If you struggle with the website… I’m making it better I promise! And if you ever have a suggestion then send it our way and we will do what we can to take care of it.

It’s been one year since I started working for Signing Time and I can say it has been wonderful and I look forward to helping you and Signing Time continue forward changing the lives of people all over the world!

There is something to be said about being part of a company that has great people and a great product! Every week we hear from our customers and read the testimonials and stories about how Signing Time has changed their lives! I was and am one of those customers… I’m just lucky enough now to be part of the great team that make those changes a reality for others.

Glad to meet you all,