Signing Time On DemandTwo Little Hands has released its entire award-winning collection of educational videos for children in downloadable format through Signing Time On Demand. Signing Time On Demand was developed by Leaping Brain Labs in Los Angeles, and it allows parents to browse a digital catalog, select titles, and begin viewing their videos within minutes of purchase.


“We use a desktop app rather than streaming video — which means you’ll always be able to view the videos you’ve purchased in the highest quality, even if your internet connection is slow or intermittent” says Leaping Brain CEO Josh Mellicker. “They are downloaded right to your computer, so you can watch on your computer screen or TV, or copy them to an Apple iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ so you’ve got them with you wherever you go.”


“Unlike discs that can get damaged or lost, you’ll never lose your digital purchases, even if you buy a new computer or your hard drive crashes, Mellicker adds. “And let’s not forget, manufacturing of discs contributes to pollution, and 1.6 billion discs go into landfills every year. With Signing Time On Demand, you not only save shipping and handling charges, and get instant delivery and instant access, but you’re helping ensure a cleaner, greener planet for your kids while you’re at it.”


Get a free video from Signing Time On Demand

Signing Time videos are widely used by parents and teachers because they support language, learning, and literacy skills for children of all ages. Signing also helps children with Down syndrome, autism, and language delays overcome communication barriers. The Signing Time series, hosted my Emmy-nominated Rachel Coleman, currently airs on public television stations as well as cable network Nick, Jr. Two Little Hands made the decision to distribute their videos digitally because parents are increasingly turning to digital devices to entertain and educate their children. “As a parent, I use Signing Time On Demand to turn a long car ride or a doctor’s office wait into quality learning time for my girls,” says Mike Lyman, Director of Development for Two Little Hands and father of five. “I like having a digital backup of our videos – I never have to worry about the DVDs getting lost or damaged, which has happened at my house!”

Win an iPad 3

Two Little Hands is launching the Signing Time On Demand system with a giveaway contest that runs through May 18th. The grand prize winner will receive a 16-gigabte iPad 3 and the entire Signing Time digital library, which includes videos and music. “This contest has created a lot of excitement,” says Lindsey Sorenson, director of Web Marketing at Two Little Hands. “People are automatically entered when they download a free introductory video through Signing Time On Demand. It’s a win-win because we get parents to try out our new system – and parents get a chance to win something that will help support their child’s learning.”


Two Little Hands Productions is a leading publisher of innovative educational products that enhance children’s learning and self-esteem, including the award-winning Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, and Potty Time programs featuring Emmy-nominated host, Rachel Coleman.

Leaping Brain Labs, a Los Angeles-based software company founded by a group of the world’s top digital video experts, is the developer of the private label digital media distribution platform called “MOD Machine.” The MOD Machine is ushering in a new era for video distribution just as iTunes did for music distribution and the Kindle did for book distribution. More information at