Two Little Hands Productions – creators of the popular Signing Time series – and Vegas PBS are excited to announce the return of the educational, inspiring, one-of-a-kind children’s series “Signing Time!” The series uses a whole-body approach to learning that keeps young children actively engaged through music, play, song and American Sign Language. Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman steals the show as she draws children in to a world of learning!

Twenty-six re-mastered episodes are now available to public television stations to air. The series is being distributed by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and is presented by Vegas PBS.

Signing Time moves beyond mere entertainment. Parents whose children watch Signing Time videos know their infants and toddlers are learning. They are thrilled when their child begins to use signs at home to ask for things they want or share their feelings – even before they can talk. Parents soon discover that this early access to communication helps their young child feel less frustrated and more secure.

“Their hands give them a clear and powerful ‘voice’ – quite a contrast to the whining and pointing traditionally associated with toddlerhood,” said Rachel Coleman, co-creator and host of Signing Time. “The truth is that using sign language with babies and children who can hear is revolutionizing early learning and parenting in America.”

Signing Time also offers powerful social and educational benefits to children ages 3-8. Research indicates that signing is an effective multi-sensory teaching tool for building vocabulary and early reading skills. Signs allow children to become physically engaged in reading and learning. As a second language, American Sign Language helps children communicate with their deaf peers and with children who must rely on signing for communication.

Signing Time is a captivating and entertaining series produced by Two Little Hands Productions. Signing Time was created to make ASL fun and easy for children of all ages and abilities. Two Little Hands Productions also produces the popular Baby Signing Time DVDs and CDs that have played a prominent role in the recent “baby signing” and “early learning” trends. For more information, please visit

Vegas PBS is dedicated to providing quality, commercial-free programming and media to southern Nevada residents and teachers. In collaboration with Two Little Hands Productions and Emmy-nominated host Rachel Coleman, Vegas PBS has hosted a free “Sing and Sign” community event as part of their Ready to Learn program to engage the community and reach out to new and underserved audiences in their area.

See what Rachel has to say about getting Signing Time on your local station.