Signing Time Series Two VideosEven long-time fans don’t know that we’ve got an entire second series of Signing Time DVDs – it’s really our best-kept secret. But we want to change that – starting with our buy 3, get 1 free sale December 7-10. Series Two videos are often overlooked, but they are some of the BEST of our entire product line. They are full of more original music and fun that you’ve come to expect from Series One, but they differ in a few key ways:

  • Key Difference 1: One episode-specific theme song
    In Series Two, each episode is built around a single theme and features only one theme-related song (or two songs, in some instances). The format of the new shows is as follows: a few signs are taught, followed by a verse of the song that features those signs; then a few more signs are introduced, followed by the next segment of the song, and so on. With this approach, viewers can master the song and the signs in bite-sized pieces and follow along from scene to scene as other signs are introduced by Alex, Leah, and Hopkins.
  • Key Difference 2: Multiple levels of vocabulary building
    In Series Two, there are fewer featured signs (signs that are explicitly taught by Rachel). Throughout various learning segments, you will notice many signs that will likely be picked up after multiple viewings. We refer to these as contextual signs. Though they are not taught explicitly, repetitive exposure allows children to learn them easily. Rather than signing everything that is sung or spoken, Rachel signs key words and phrases intended to make the featured and contextual signs more accessible to our younger viewers, while still challenging them. Additionally, most of the DVDs have more signs in the special feature segments.
  • Key Difference 3: Learning Modules
    Learning Modules are segments within an episode that reinforce either the theme or signs being taught, and provide the opportunity to practice other skills within a signing framework. There are five categories of Learning Modules: Counting Time, Game Time, ABC Time, Moving/Hopping Time and Story Time. Each module has a theme song, which acts as a cue to the viewer of what activity will be taking place.

Choose from Series Two titles:Sale Dec. 7-10, buy 3 get 1 free Series 2 DVD

Nice to Meet You
Happy Birthday To You

Move and Groove
My Favorite Season
Going Outside
Days of the Week
My Favorite Sport
My House
My Things
Helping Out Around the House
Once Upon a Time
Box of Crayons
Who Has the Frog?