Much of the work the Signing Time Foundation does is out of the spotlight.  Education, the work in Ghana, etc, and making signing fun and accessible to all kids is generally all just day to day work.  However, the most visible part of the Signing Time Foundation is when Rachel makes appearances throughout the country.  Whether she’s talking to a group of parents (of children with Autism, or Down Syndrome, various communication disorders or the parents of kids with hearing loss), doing a presentation for professionals (in education, in therapy, in special services) or performing at a community concert, where Rachel goes she raises awareness for signing, for American Sign Language, and for inclusion and diversity.

And you can help, did you know that?  Mouse over the Upcoming Events tab at the top of the page, and you’ll see 13 events in 11 different states, and those are just the concerts!  If you’re going to be attending one of those, or even if you’re within driving range and would like to help out, click on your nearest event.  You can email the local coordinator and see what you can do to volunteer, you can help look for local sponsors and grants, and you can pass along the info to family, friends and people who might be interested.

But, newest (and coolest) of all, you can even just click on the pictures of the Tear-tab and 2-to-a-page fliers and print out a few to stick up around town.

They look like this (these are the ones for Grand Junction, Colorado):

Right now these are available for Burbank, Portland, Kansas City, Mid-Coast Maine, The Twin Cities, Grand Junction and Denver…all the places where tickets are on sale.  As tickets go on sale in the other towns, fliers will go up on the pages as well.  So please, lend a helping hand to the instructors bringing Rachel to your town, and tack up a flier or three, and help support them as they support the Signing Time Foundation