Our beautiful daughter Eliana visited with Rachel & family in 2008 while taping Baby Signing Time 3 & 4. Thanks to Signing Time and dedicated parents, Eliana has been reading since she was 11 months old.  Her reading has been tested at the seventh grade level. Last year Eliana’s overall development was assessed. With an IQ of 143, she is in the genius category and exceeded the 130 requirement to become a member of MENSA.

Eliana is very active. This December, she will be in a new Disney Channel show (Austin & Ally). She has a role in our local church drama for the third year in a row. As part of ‘Hands of Praise’, she was invited to sign a song at a local community event.

See her video http://www.elianaarroyo.com/AboutEliana.html.

Her younger brother, Elijah, 3 (also in Baby Signing Time 3 & 4), is on track to equal or exceed his sister’s accomplishments. At age 2, Elijah was spelling and writing his name and alphabet, and at age 3 he is reading at the third grade level. Also their 18 month old twin siblings can already read and sign most of the signs on BST and Signing Time DVDs. As their communication skills continue to advance they say and/or sign their requests.

Thank you Rachel, Aaron, Emilie, Leah & Alex and everyone else who has contributed to our children’s past, present and future.

-Michael A.